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  • As part of its corporate social responsilbity,
    CENECO is conducting series of outreach programs to the different barangays covered.

  • CENECO Theme:
    "Giving Light... Creating Opportunities..."

  • Power for Me & You!
    Service is Our Business, All Our Systems Go!

  • Pay Promptly
    Pay your electric bills to avail our continued service...

  • Report Electric Pilferage
    We are encouraging the public to report any type of illegal electricity connections which can cause losses and increase system loss.

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CENECO Crawler                       NOVEMBER 2015 RESIDENTIAL AVERAGE RATE (including 12% VAT) = Php 9.9438 (0.0549)                       |                      • KNOW YOUR FEEDERS (click here) •                       |        Pay Your Electric Bills Promptly, Unpaid Bills Are Losses, Losses Increase Electric Rate.       |        Giving Light... Creating Opportunities...        ANNOUNCEMENTS:         CENECO SETS POWER INTERRUPTIONS ON NOVEMBER 21 & 22, 2015   |   CENECO SETS POWER INTERRUPTION ON NOVEMBER 18, 2015   |                         Visit us: www.ceneco.com.ph                       |       

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